EPoS Systems in Stockport

City Cash Systems, based in Stockport, is a verified partner of ICRTouch – a world leading EPoS System software designed for fast paced, cash handling environments.

Point of Sale at a Reasonable Price

Hardware and software meant to work in total harmony with one another and game-changing features are all available at an affordable price.

Design for Fast Paced Environments

Our EPoS systems are designed for fast paced environments with attention to detail aimed towards ensuring your staff can operate efficiently.

Completely Flexible EPoS Systems

Evolves with your company and expands with your business. To take your business to the next level, add devices, accessories, and software integrations.

A cash handlers dream

What is an EPoS System?

An EPoS system (Electronic Point of Sale) is referred to as a combination of hardware and software which allows you to process & track transactions. EPoS systems when implemented correctly can save valuable time throughout your business.

Call us on 0161 430 2809 to speak with one of our knowledgeable and friendly team members about your EPoS and cash register needs.

Bespoke is Better

The speed, efficiency & flexibility is always worth the investment when compared to a traditional cash register.

Quality Software

We solely work with ICRTouch – arguably the best, cost-effective EPOS software ever created. 

Various Hardware Options
Bespoke IS Better

What Do We Offer?

We take the time to understand your business, its processes, what you’re looking to improve and present a range of options that are bespoke to you:

The software is the most important element of any effective EPoS system. We work solely with ICRTouch, a world-leading software solution.

We’ll supply compatible hardware that will allow for the improvements you expect to see.

From the installation of the equipment, on-site training during your installation or ongoing support from our team.

We’re a certified reseller of ICRTouch’s EPoS software – due to the flexibility & sophistication of the product, we only offer ICRTouch.

A fast and effective way to take food and drink orders using a bespoke hand-held, digital waiter pad designed for the hospitality industry.

TouchOffice allows you to have full control of your business & stock from anywhere. Get real-time and previous sales reports at a moments notice. 

TouchPoint is front of house EPoS software that is fully customisable to you and your processes. Since 1999, this software has been perfected over time to create the perfect solution it is today.


What our customers say

We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction


A selection of EPoS applications to help you run your business.

We provide various EPoS solutions from ICRTouch to help you improve your experience and run your business more efficiently. EPoS systems provide a well-organised solution for various elements of your organisation, allowing you to focus on keeping your customers satisfied.

With 150,000+ licences previously distributed, we are a supplier of ICRTouch software, one of the country’s major software houses for EPoS systems. The software is well-known for its dependability, and TouchPoint’s fully configurable terminal software has proven particularly popular. 

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