Mobile Pos System

Convenient Mobile Pos Systems to Suit all Budgets

With the advancements in technology for mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones coming on leaps and bounds in the past few years many software developers are finding increasingly more inventive ways to harness the benefits of them for independent business owners. One great example is incorporating the technology and interface usually found in several pieces of Pos hardware into a mobile Pos system that is quick and easy to set up and install and can be configured in various different ways to match the requirements of the environment you are trading in.

We provide several options for mobile Pos systems including software and support for iPad Pos. The following guide highlights some of the reasons why we believe mobile Pos offers great versatility for a number of commercial settings and great value for money for start up and smaller scale businesses.

Fixed or Mobile Pos Tablets

Depending on the setting of your shop, restaurant or market stall you may prefer to configure your Pos tablet as either mobile or fixed. The difference between the two configurations are fairly straight forward as explained below.

Fixed Pos Tablets are held in place by plastic, Perspex, metal or other materials in a standard or customised stand. If you are a sole trader or have limited staff on site fixed Pos tablets are great as your Pos system will be kept permanently in one position which means you will not have to keep an eye on it while customers make payments. If you choose a fixed solution there are also lots of opportunities to incorporate branding or reflect the personality of your business by customising your display stand with logos, calls to actions and anything else you think your customer may benefit from.

Mobile Pos Tablets are great for settings such as restaurants and pop up food stalls. This configuration is fully mobile and allows your customer to hold the tablet or iPad while inputting payment information. This a great solution if you have the right setting to use it as it undoubtedly injects a touch of class and can increase the perception of trust between the vendor and the customer.

iPad Pos

The iPad has been on sale since 2010 and seems to be showing no signs of slowing down or losing popularity. As many business owners themselves own iPads and with their distinctive tablets being synonymous with high quality and functionality it makes sense that many people are using these as great hubs for their mobile Pos systems.

There are many advantages to using an iPad for a mobile Pos solution. The interface is simple and user friendly and will require little to no explanation or instruction for users who are familiar or unfamiliar with the apple ios. iPad’s are also well known for their long battery life compared to some other popular tablets on the market. This makes them great to use in locations such as festivals and for mobile food vendors where access to mains power sources maybe limited or need to be conserved.

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