Touchscreen EPOS Systems

Trusted Touchscreens At Your Fingertips

Are you looking for trusted and reliable touchscreen EPOS systems for your company? City Cash Systems are here to help! As a leading EPOS supplier we have many products available and can advise you of the right system for your requirements.


We offer a full 12 month, on-site, guarantee


No annual license fee renewal


2, 3 or 5 year terms available

High Performance

With a supply of modern and stylish systems to choose from, quality is guaranteed with our stocked systems. We specialise in high performance touchscreen terminals that don’t need a noisy fan to keep them from overheating and also have the following great features:

  • Complete product control
  • Easy on-screen programming format
  • Stock control
  • Countdown stock feature
  • Cloud based back office system
  • Credit card integration by chip and pin
  • Table memory billing
  • Floor/table plans
  • Floating table programming
  • Floating clerk programming
  • Kitchen order systems
  • Hand held “PocketTouch” technology
  • Complete management control
  • Staff security by Dallas key or swipe card
  • Barcode scanning
  • Electronic scale link
  • Shelf edge label print
  • Customer loyalty system

City Cash Systems uses the reliable and very professional system of ICRTouch. Utilising their touch screen solutions we can install the latest and greatest in touch screen technologies and provide business we work with the best solutions for their needs. Call us today to find out more about our systems.


TouchPoint is our flagship software for commercial tills. It delivers a proven reliability and puts the user on the cutting edge. From scanning items, totalling items, handling cash and cards payments and featuring software that allows the integration of a loyalty scheme, it is safe to say it is unrivalled in flexibility and customisation options.

TouchOffice Web

This online software solution allows access to real time sales information and data that is accessible from anywhere in the world through an online portal.


Do you work in the retail sector serving food and drinks? If so this paper free solution provides the flexibility to allow a customer to pay anywhere on the premises. Sound good? PocketTouch also sends information to your chef instantly to improve the efficiency of your business. Improving communication in your restaurant which ultimately improves customer service.


Need extra support for the back office? TouchOffice helps deliver a solid integration with tills and other essential hardware. Compatible with all the latest payment gateways it is perfect for taking payments securely.


Do you own a burger van or a premises based takeaway? TouchTakeaway can provide you with a professionally built method for generating new revenue by delivering a user friendly and cost effective solution that won’t eat into your turnover.


TouchLoyalty is designed to compliment your TouchPoint solution. Key features include a flexible method to monitor your customer’s purchases allowing you to initiate a marketing campaign or up sell products that will have a higher conversion rate.

City Cash Systems can also provide you with a Chip & Pin solution through PS Connect to compliment your TouchPoint EPoS system

We accept all cards except American Express